Tsipouro - Tsantalis - Avaton - 200ml

Τσίπουρο Τσάνταλη Άβατον, 200ml


- Excellent quality wine grape varieties of grapes grown in the unique ecosystem of the vineyard in dependency of Chromitsa, the Monastery of St. Panteleimon, Mount Athos. - The careful vinification of the grapes and the direct distillation of grape marc (grape marc). - The two slow, multiple, distillation in small copper stills. - The selection of only the heart of the distillation, the medium that is part of the spirit that gathers the most delicious ingredients. - The naturally filtered water in special membrane filters that keep salts and make rain. AREA: Mount Athos Combine with: Fish-Seafood

Τσίπουρο - Τσάνταλης - Άβατον - 200ml