Kir-Yianni - Ble Alepou - Red - 2011 - 1,5L

Η Μπλε Αλεπού προσφέρει στην όψη ένα βαθύ κόκκινο, σχεδόν αδιαφανές χρώμα με πορφυρές ανταύγειες

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Intensely red in color, this is a wine with a complex character, combining aromas of vanilla, chocolate and oak from the barrel, with notes of forest fruits and spices. The palate shows volume, robust tannins and a sensuous viscosity that balances with the fine acidity. The lingering finish of the wine leaves tasty notes of fruits and spices on the mouth.

Κυρ-Γιάννη - Μπλέ Αλεπού - Ερυθρός - 2011 - 1,5L