Pieria Eratini - Wishes | Efxes Eratines Sweet - White - 2014 - 375ml

Η αναμονή, η προσπάθεια και κυρίως η έντονη ανάμειξη της φύσης, έπλεξαν τις Γλυκές Ευχές...

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Controlled ripening of grapes techniques used for this elegant dessert wine from the charismatic Malagouzia variety, from the distant Byzantine times. Waiting, effort and especially the intense mixing of nature, the braided Sweet Wishes ... Color amber, extremely generous nose. Clean aromas of apricot and baked orange and a hint of gentle herbs like lime and thyme. On the palate, finesse and body, marriage spicy acidity and honey. The flavors balanced nicely, the texture is velvety, yet cool, reminiscent of an evening summer garden! The acidity, the suave character and the alcoholic strength of wine complement each other and offer long finish ...

Πιερία Ερατεινή - Ευχές Ερατεινές Γλυκύς 2014