Koniordos - Minotavros - Red - 2015

Ο Μινώταυρος είναι ένας οίνος ερυθρός ξηρός, 12μηνης παλαίωσης σε δρύινα βαρέλια, με συμμετοχή των ποικιλιών syrah, cabernet franc και ξινόμαυρου.


Dry red wine, a blend of syrah (40%), cabernet franc (30%) and xinomavro (30%), aged 12 months in oak barrels. A robust, full-bodied wine, with an elegant, well-balanced flavour, aromas of red and black fruits, flowers and spices, and a pleasant, fresh finish. Perfect with red meats and game.

Κονιόρδος - Μινώταυρος - Ερυθρό - 2007