Troupis - Mantinia - Moshofilero - White - 2015

Η καλλιέργεια των ιδιόκτητων αμπελώνων της οικογένειας Τρουπή αναδεικνύει το πλήρες δυναμικό της ποικιλίας Μοσχοφίλερο στη «Μαντινεία Τρουπή».

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The cultivation of proprietary Troupi family vineyards driven low yield per hectare and modern white vinification methods bring out the full potential of the variety Moshofilero in "Mantinia Troupi". Open yellow hues evoke the aromatic richness consisting of white peach aromas, citrus and pear, which are followed by slightly acidic but full of taste and aftertaste of bergamot and jasmine. Indicative accompany meat with lemon sauce, grilled fish and shellfish moderate oiliness. In good storage conditions preserves the rich features of the at least two years.

Τρουπής - Μαντινεία - Μοσχοφίλερο - Λευκό - 2015