Chatzivaritis, Goumenissa, Red, 2016

Αν η Γουμένισσα έχει βρεθεί από το περιθώριο στον αφρό του Ελληνικού κρασιού, εν πολλοίς το οφείλει στον Βαγγέλη Χατζηβαρύτη


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At least 12 months in French oak barrels, 6 months in bottles. The wine is of an intense red color with hints of titian. The aroma is complex with predominating scent of small red fruits such as blackberry, cherry, supplemented with a hint of spice, tomato, olive and vanilla. It is full-bodied to the palate, aromatic, rich in tannins and with a lingering and long aftertaste.

Χατζηβαρύτη - Γουμένισσα 2012 Ερυθρός

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Aroma Intensity