Biblia Chora, Biblinos Oinos, Rose, 2020, 1.5L

Η σπάνια αταυτοποίητη ποικιλία του Παγγαίου στο Βίβλινο σε συνδυασμό με το βάρος του ονόματος Βιβλία Χώρα είναι επαρκείς λόγοι να ανάψει η φλόγα του μυστηρίου!


Light pink color with brick red hues. On the nose there are soft aromas of red fruits (strawberries, blackberries, cherries) and a mild herbal character. On the palate, the wine is fruity and crisp with fairly long finish.

Produced from a local red grape variety, found in the area Pangaion Mountain and cultivated in Biblia Chora.
After pressing, the grapes are guided to the press, where they directly export the must, without pre-fermentation extraction. Pomegranate bright color. On the nose is dominated by aromas of red fruits such as cherries, combined with citrus notes and blackcurrant flower. It is rich, fresh, with good structure and excellent balance, which gives it a strongly aromatic aftertaste. Try cool at 10-12 ° C, and up to now three years since his birth.

Βιβλία Χώρα - Βίβλινος Οίνος - Ροζέ - 2015 - 1,5L

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