Distillate - Sigalas - Distillate Prickly Pear - 500ml

SKU: 30-00-061-07

Alcohol Type: Distillate
Brand/Producer: Sigalas
Alcohol Country: Greece
Alcohol Year: 2013


The new product of Domaine Sigalas. The production process of the prickly pear distillate is relatively difficult. Processing of fruit and juice extraction, tough thorns surrounding the cortex. The juice extracted ferment and distilled alcoholic liquor. The prickly pear extract Sigala is double distilled product. The prickly pears used are collected in Santorini where the winery operates. It is a colorless distillate, with banana flavors, butter, sweet spices and natural prickly pear! The alcohol is well integrated and the aftertaste of a long and creamy. Accompanies sweets.