Wecomatic - L' Ami du Vin - Nitrogen System Wine Set

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L' Ami du Vin is used for serving wine by the glass and proper maintenance. It includes dispensing a stainless nitrogen distribution pipe. and three nitrogen capsules. The wine serving system for a single bottle. Using L'Ami du vin maintaining the quality of an opened bottle of wine 2 to 3 weeks. L'Ami du Vin is a fascinating solution, employed a professional technology for home and office use. It offers the possibility to at the same time have to open several bottles. Also ideal for smaller catering industry or businesses with 2 to 4 'open wines'. NO2 protects the wine from oxidation. This has been used for years in the production of wine in order to prevent oxidation of the wine. Operation: When tapping a glass nitrogen is introduced into the bottle. This gas is heavier than the surrounding air and therefore covers the wine. In addition, there can be no "air" into the bottle, it is replaced by wine poured all the nitrogen. It can not leave the bottle because it can not take off. Due to this protection against oxidation blift quality of the wine open retain at least 2-3 weeks. A capsule is about 4 to 5 bottles with.

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