Chêne Bleu - Rosé - 2014

Το Chêne Bleu Rosé είναι ένα φίνο, πολύπλοκο μείγμα Syrah-Grenache.


The Chêne Bleu Rosé is a finely textured, complex Syrah-Grenache blend. Importantly, it is made in a multi-step process relying on skin contact - a strong maceration, not by the traditional saignée method - in order to reveal the full texture and character of the grape variety and give it nice length and structure.

Chêne Bleu - Rosé - Ροζέ - 2014

  • Dryness/Sweetness
  • Sparkle No
  • Alcohol
  • Serving Temperature 08 °C|10 °C