Coravin - Wine Bottle Sleeve with Window - 750ml size

Coravin Θήκη Φιάλης με λεζάντα, Wine Bottle Sleeve with Window, 750ml size


A custom-designed neoprene wine bottle sleeve featuring a large, clear plastic window that allows you to see the label of the wine you are pouring. Designed to fit 750ml sized bottles. The custom-designed zipper allows for easy insertion and removal. Also available in dessert and magnum sizes.

Coravin - Θήκη Φιάλης με λεζάντα

  • Coravin
  • Accessory Type Coravin
  • Accessory Brand CORAVIN
  • Black
  • Accessory Color Black
  • Capacity -
  • Black
  • Accessory Quantity: x1
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