Dr. Loosen - Riesling Dry - Red Slate - White - 2017

Αυτό το ξηρό Riesling παράγεται με φρούτα από το κτήμα του Dr. Loosen στα κόκκινα σχιστόλιθα εδάφη που βρίσκονται στα χωριά Ürzig, Ερντέν, Lösnich και Kinheim.

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This dry Riesling is produced with fruit from estate-owned vineyards in the red slate soils found in the villages of Ürzig, Erden, Lösnich and Kinheim. It is fermented in the traditional style in 3,000-liter, neutral oak casks and kept on the full lees for 12 months. The extended lees contact stabilizes the wine naturally and gives it time to develop a harmonious balance.

Dr. Loosen- Riesling Dry - Red Slate - Λευκό - 2014