Kechris - Genesis - Rose - 2015

Η οικογένεια Κεχρή επέλεξε έναν από τους πλέον διεστραμμένους συνδυασμούς για το ροζέ κρασί της που συμπληρώνει την άριστα τιμολογημένη σειρά Γένεσις!

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The bright salmon color in our glass pleasantly prepares for a wine with elegant style. On the nose, its charming rose aromas are supported by subtle strawberry and cherry notes. On the palate, the refreshing acidity balances perfectly with the subtle sweetness, which gives the wine a velvety texture and a long aromatic finish. Ideal as an aperitif or to accompany fresh pasta with seafood, light dishes with salmon, spicy Asian cuisine dishes or salads.

Κεχρής - Γένεσις | Genesis - Ροζέ - 2015

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