Corkscrew Ghidini - Chrome French Type Standard

Ανοιχτήρι Ghidini, Γαλλικού Τύπου, Chrome French Type Standard Corkscrew

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This Corkscrew from Ghidini in Europe is known as the "French type" Cork removal.
It has a simple use . Raising the lever at the top to reseal the top hole in the stopper. In this situation will continue into the Cork screw. Rotate lever, open the hole enough to stick was blocking the stopper Cork is vented. Smart is a French expression is definitely easy, try.

It has total length of 14 cm, 150 g.

  • Corkscrew/Opener
  • Accessory Type Corkscrew/Opener
  • Accessory Brand Ghidini
  • Silver/Nickel
  • Accessory Color Silver/Nickel
  • Capacity -