Inniskillin - IceWine Vidal Oak Aged - White - 2013 - 375ml

Η άφθονη φυσική οξύτητα απαλύνεται από την παλαίωση σε δρύ προσθέτοντας μια κρεμώδη γεύση βανίλιας.

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The icewine is very sweet, dessert wine balanced with an excellent acidity. They can be served alone or, if you prefer, with fresh fruit, new soft cheeses or desserts that are not too sweet. Desserts with fruit, such as peach pie, cheesecake and slightly sweet fruit pies and cake, beautifully accompany icewine. The Canadian icewines have unique flavors - peach, apricot, litchi, honey, mango, passion fruit and toffee are just a few. The icewine is better to be served well chilled (at 4 with 8 C) and in portions of about 40 ml per person. Ready to enjoy from the first moment of their purchase they can also be aged from 5 to 8 years. This icewine reflects lots of intense layers from its short exposure to oak. The peaches and apricot aromas and flavours develop into complexities of marmalade and candied brown sugar as it ages. The ample natural acidity is softened by the oak aging adding a creamy vanilla flavor.

Inniskillin - Ice Wine Gold Vidal Λευκός 375ml