Kechris - The Tear of the Pine - White

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Color is yellow with golden shades. Bouquet is Intense citrus aromas, in a background of vanilla and butter, with botanical notes of rosemary, thyme and ginger. Body is explosively fruity, with intense minerality, delicate acidity and impressively long aftertaste. Food pairing with pasta with lobster, seafood cooked with herbs, baked or grilled fatty fish, grilled vegetables, white meat and Mediterranean dishes rich in olive oil.

Κεχρής - Το Δάκρυ Του Πεύκου - Λευκός - 2012

  • Color White
  • Σοδειά
  • Barrel 6 months
  • Aging Potential
  • 01_citrus_fruit
  • 02_white_flesh_fruit
  • 10_herbs
  • 11_mineral
  • 13_toasted

Aroma Intensity