Avantis - Lenga - White - 2020

Όλοι μπορεί να αγαπούν και να αναγνωρίζουν το μεγαλείο της ποικιλίας Gewurztraminer ωστόσο λίγοι τολμούν να την καλλιεργήσουν


When someone decides to winemaking a variety that is the alter ego of the famous Alsace, this operation is dangerous. However, the proposal of Lenga demonstrating how that persistence and patience are rewarded in the best way. The variety Gewurztraminer conditioned ideals Evia giving exotic effect. The volume, wealth and elegance is indeed enviable for wine that has not accepted the presence of oak. It is the Greek version of the variety and the result is certainly impressive.

Αβαντίς - Lenga 2014 Λευκός

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