Mas Amiel - Vintage - Vin Doux Naturel - Red - 2013

Το βαθύ ρουμπινί χρώμα του ταιριάζει με κόκκινα και μαύρα μούρα στον ουρανίσκο, πολύ κομψό, κινείται σε γεύσεις από κεράσι burlat.

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The deep ruby robe matches the bouquet of red and black berries.
 More-ish on the palate, very elegant, moves to flavours of burlat cherry. This fleshy, yet refreshing, fruity wine is a perfect match for red fruit or chocolate desserts.
It is a seductive, pure Grenache varietal that also pairs well with sweet and sour dishes.

Mas Amiel - Vintage - Ερυθρό - 2013

  • Dryness/Sweetness Sweet/Doux
  • Sparkle No
  • Alcohol
  • Serving Temperature 16 °C|17 °C|18 °C