Mediterra Winery - Xerolithia - White - 2015

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Name: The hillside vineyards of Peza are even nowadays separated by the traditional dry stone walls, known as “xerolithias”, hence our name. The “xerolithias” were built with stones (=lithous) that were stacked one on to the other plain, without mud (=xero) thus creating a natural boundary for each vineyard, protecting them also from erosion. Personality: Straw-yellowish color in the glass. Nose with intense aromas of citrus fruits (citron and lime) which mingle with exotic fruits in the background (pineapple, mango). Full and balanced on the palate, with the typical fine acidity and minerality of the Vilana. The perfect expression of the Peza terroir.

Mediterra Winery - Ξερολιθιά - Λευκός - 2015