Melas - Palies Rizes | Old Roots - Red - 2018

Η πιο νέα ετικέτα του La tour Melas έρχεται να μας ξανασυστήσει το Αγιωργίτικο.


The newest label La tour Melas comes to reconstitute Agiorgitiko. The vineyard self-rooted 100 years confirms saying that great wines are born in the vineyard. Even very young age will impress the evolution of the glass, after starting with sweet aromas, hints of chocolate, draws the most familiar features red fruit variety. In the mouth it is very polite with very elegant tannins and alcohol which still makes enough its presence felt (because youth) but shows the dynamic in time. The minimum production flasks (1800) almost enforce consumer patience because it is a wine that is in progress can give great emotions.

Μελάς - Παλιές Ρίζες 2014 Ερυθρός