Liqueur VATOS, Aronia Berry

Όλα τα λικέρ Μυρωμένη Βάτος είναι πλούσια σε φρούτα, βότανα και φυσικά εκχυλίσματα άνθους σαμπούκου και καρπού ιπποφαές.

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Amrosial liqueur brings out the aroma of this unique superfood. Aronia berry has antioxidant, anticancer, alkaline, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. It is at the top of the list of medicinal plants of the world and is used to treat diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and various heart problems. Moreover, aronia berry is the only berry with the ability to remove heavy metals from the body. All liqueurs of Myromeni Vatos are rich in fruits, herbs and natural extracts of sambuca and sea-buckthorn.

Λικέρ - Μυρωμένη Βάτος - Αρώνια - 500ml