Liqueur Forest Fruits, VATOS, 500ml

Πληθωρικό ηδύποτο παντρεύει μοναδικά τις ευεργετικές ουσίες, γεύσεις και τα αρώματα των φρούτων και βάτων.

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Plethoric liqueur weds perfectly the beneficial substances, flavors and aromas of fruits and berries. Berries & Cherries act as a "bomb" of antioxidants, which strenghten the immune system, regulate cholesterol, and diabetes. Additionally, forest fruits are considered highly aphrodisiac, detoxifying, anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and alkaline. All liqueurs of Myromeni Vatos are rich in fruits, herbs and natural extracts of sambuca and sea-buckthorn.

Λικέρ - Μυρωμένη Βάτος - Φρούτα του Δάσους - 500ml