Nico Lazaridi, Magiko Vouno, Magic Mountain, Red, 2015


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The Magic Mountain – a name, a legend, a wine that satisfies all senses. It refers to the Mount Pangeon that rises impressively opposite the Château Νico Lazaridi Winery and relatesto the worship of Dionysus, the treasure hunting by Alexander the Great and constitu-tes a crossroad for cultures between East and West for thousands of years. The Magic Mountain red wine , produced from the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, since its first release in 1990 and until today is an unsurpassed product, with divine, noble and mystic flavour, characteristics of NICO LAZARIDI superior wines. Its fans seek it every year, not only for its taste, but also for its unique bottle that changes its label after every new harvest. Wine with an intense ruby red color. Clear typical aromas of red forest fruits, blueberry, gooseberry, wild fig and black cherry, in a perfect combination with these of the French oak. Munificent, velvet and impressive body. Balanced acidity accompanied with smooth, rich tannin and long aftertaste. It accompanies perfectly red meat dishes with complex sauces, wild bird and game dishes and ripe spicy cheeses.

Νίκος Λαζαρίδης - Μαγικό Βουνό - Ερυθρός - 2009