Nico Lazaridi, Perpetuus, White, 2014

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Perpetuus that means continuous, everlasting, perpetual. In 2004, the NICO LAZARIDI Winery, through its continuous quest of new tasting experiences and after a planning of many years and incessant vinifications in small individual batches, created two new products: a white and a red wine named Perpetuus. The single-variety wine Perpetuus white from Semillon, its aging in new acacia barrels, along with the specific processing method make it a unique wine with excellent structure and stability in time. Wine characterized by a brilliant golden colour with obvious green iridescence. Aromas of ripe, white-flesh fruits with notes of honey and acacia.This wine presents a rich and complex body with a crispy acidity and some aromas of citrus fruits. Unique, pleasant, greasy finish with great complexity and duration. Served at 10οC, with shellfish, fish with light sauces, avgotaraho(botargo), white meats and vegetables with complex sauces.

Νίκος Λαζαρίδης - Perpetuus 2013 Λευκός