Your personal data protection is of great value to us. The present declaration of personal data protection illustrates what kind of personal data we collect through our website and clarifies the way in which we use the abovementioned data.

The present webpage appertains to
“DIMITRIADIS STYLIANOS PRIVATE COMPANY” firm, bearing the trading name “MY CAVA”, based in Thessaloniki, in the intersection of Mpoumpoulinas str. and 2, Makrygianni str. in Finikas area, VAT identification number 800594395/Public Fiscal Service of Kalamaria (henceforth Data Protection Officer) as legally represented by Stylianos Dimitriadis, son of Prodromos, by virtue of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the Greek legislation.

You can contact us for any inquiry or question regarding the collection and use of personal data or the present declaration of confidentiality and the exercise of your rights deriving from the data protection law in the e-mail: [email protected].

Website explicitly states that it will abstain from any illicit use of your personal data or any transmittal (whatsoever the method and for any reason) of visitors’/users’ data and information to third parties, but only upon consent. The present website and its range of offered services are strictly aimed at adults. It is forbidden for minors to use or visit this website, or engage in any sort of transactions.

Website cannot be held responsible for any visit or use of the website conducted by minors, given the fact that it is impossible to verify and control the identity of incoming visitors/users.

You are asked to carefully read the following notification concerning the processing of your data, which are collected and processed within the framework of our commercial transactions (trading and distribution of wines, spirits and accompanying accessories, organizations of seminars etc.)

Through our website’s use, you unreservedly acquiesce to the practices delineated, as well to as to the terms and conditions that as of now regulate our contractual relationship and are integrated to each service’s terms of use.

A. Personal data categories subjected to processing

Our company, equipped with a certificate of conformity to ISO/IEC 27001 (international information security standard), processes and keeps an electronic file record, backed up with security codes, in a company’s server, as well as a file record in tangible form, properly secured, containing the following personal data categories:

1. Personal identification data, such as name and surname/business name, father’s name, permanent residence address/head office address, contact numbers, e-mail, numbers of credit, debit or prepaid cards, bank account number, as well as all data necessary for issuing of fiscal vouchers, that is the VAT number and the relevant Public Fiscal Service.

2. Track record of orders, including your transaction and payment data, as well as a file record, properly secured, containing the issued order invoices and vouchers etc.

B. Timespan of personal data records

The abovementioned personal data will be kept in file records of both electronic and tangible form, in conformity with all the appropriate and necessary security terms and conditions, as defined by law, for the
timespan needed so as to fulfill the processing purposes, whereas in case of a collaboration/transaction hiatus or revocation of the present consent, for the timespan defined by contextual legislation (e.g. fiscal), while in cases of judicial claims for the timespan needed for the complete resolution of the litigation. Afterwards, these data are anonymized, destroyed or returned to the subject of personal data. In the outstanding case of a concurrent public interest reason, it is the duty of the data protection officer to preserve the data in his file record until the public interest reason ceases to exist.

C. Processing purposes

The above mentioned processing is deemed necessary as to the fulfillment of the undermentioned purposes:

1. The execution of our bilateral transactions (registration in the customers’ record, issuing of benefit cards, filing and execution of orders, shipping/delivery of merchandise, gifts etc.), as well as the ability to keep you posted and reply to your demands and questions.

2. Fulfillment of obligations deriving from the contextual fiscal legislation, in a framework of overall compliance, issuing of the necessary fiscal vouchers, as well as their electronic or postal shipping for payment.

3. Debt collection or/and satisfaction of claims via the judicial path, through the transmittal of data deemed necessary and expedient to this end, to lawyers or/and judicial authorities.

4. Establishing and maintaining a channel of communication between us, through your voluntary inscription in specialized print or electronic catalogues so that you can receive information or marketing material in print/electronic form/SMS, update your preferences or take part in contests, fill in questionnaires and participate in surveys, aiming to upgrade the level of the service provided.

5. Insurance coverage of civil liability

D. Personal data recipients

The processing of your personal data is limited within the company’s premises, while access
to your data is reduced to the company’s administration and its exclusively authorized employees. Furthermore, we convey your data to the undermentioned authorities, when deemed necessary for the completion of these purposes, while undertaking the appropriate technical and organizational measures so as to ensure that all your personal data are transmitted, stored and processed in accordance with the appropriate security standards:

1. State, supervisory, fiscal and/or independent public authorities

2. Judicial or prosecution authorities, in case of judicial pursuit of claims or investigation of punishable acts to the detriment of our company

3. External collaborators (e.g. distributors of merchandise, web designing and web hosting companies,
computerization companies etc.)

4. Financial institutions for disbursement of due payments

5. Mass sms sending companies (ongoing collaboration with apifon), newsletter companies (ongoing collaboration with mailchimp) and Viber’s collaborating agents.
In case of new partnerships involving data recipients other than the abovementioned, you will be notified through any appropriate and expedient means regarding the transmittal of your data and their onwards processing, provided that such a line of procedure is deemed necessary for the completion of the abovementioned purposes. In case of collaboration hiatus with any of the recipients mentioned earlier, we are compelled to request the deletion, destruction or/and return of the record file containing your personal data, unless its conservation is dictated by law or for reasons of public interest.

E. Rights pertaining to subjects of personal data

As subject of the personal data processed by our company, you are entitled upon written request and at any given moment to exercise any of the following rights:

  1. The right to access your personal data and receive information for any issue regarding their processing. Any denial of this right on behalf of the personal data officer should be fully founded and documented.

  2. The right to correct, update and delete your personal data

  3. The right to data portability

  4. The right to revoke your consent

  5. The right to object against the processing of your data for commercial promotion purposes.

  6. The right to file a complaint before the Hellenic Data Protection Authority in case of a personal data breach. Regarding the exercise of your rights, as well as any information as to your personal data, please contact us by phone in the number 2310 442 103 or by e-mail in the address [email protected].

Our company is compelled to reply in good time to your request and in any case within one month starting from its reception.


You are entitled to request access and receive a notification by our company as to whether it possesses personal data that are of your concern. In case of confirmation, you have the right to gain access to the data in question, through the provision of a copy, and receive further information (such as the justification reason for the processing of your personal data, a full list of the personal data categories at use etc.)

Warning: The use of the abovementioned right should not afflict the rights and freedoms of other parties, such as professional confidentiality or intellectual property rights.


If you believe that your personal date is
incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, you are entitled to ask for rectification and receive a reply within a month starting from the demand’s reception. In case we cannot cater to your demand, you will receive a written justification.


If our company is processing your personal data upon consent or upon contractual agreement, you are entitled to ask the transmittal of your data directly to you or to any other company whose services you wish to use, provided that such a procedure is technically attainable.


You have the right to file an objection against the processing of your personal data and request this processing to stop, if it is aiming at commercial promotion purposes. If you file an objection on the grounds of direct marketing, our company is compelled to comply with your request, free of charge, and refrain from using your personal data.


You can request the deletion of your personal data as of the moment they are no longer of use to our company or in case they have been used in violation of the law. Personal data supplied by a minor can be deleted at any given moment. The same right applies to the Internet as a whole (“right to oblivion”). In case our company has published your personal data on the Internet, you are entitled to request their deletion.


You have the right to revoke the consent granted to our company as to the processing of your personal data at any given moment. The revocation of your consent does not touch upon the legality of the consent-driven processing performed prior to the consent revocation. You can revoke your consent either by sending an e-mail to the address
[email protected] or in-person, at our company’s head offices (intersection of Mpoumpoulinas str. and 2, Makrygianni str. (Finikas area, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki), by filling in a pre-formulated form.


The term “limitation” signifies that your personal data can –with the exception of storing- be processed only upon your consent, for the founding, exercise or advocacy of legal claims, for the protection of rights pertaining to a natural person or a legal entity, for reasons of public interest of the EU or an EU member state. You are entitled to exercise the right to limitation of your personal data processing provided that:

1.The exactitude of the data is questioned

2.You do not wish for the data to be deleted

3.The data is no longer of use for the purpose initially intended, but cannot be deleted for reasons imposed by law

4.You have filed an objection against the processing of your data and the ruling is still pending


The process of profiling consists in the assessment of personal information with the intention of performing educated guesses concerning your potential behavior, even if no decision-making is involved. For instance, if a company or an institution assesses your traits (e.g. age, sex, height) or classifies you into a category, this action does not meet the definition of profiling. The automated decision-making procedure is considered to be performed only when decisions are made exclusively through the use of technology, without any human intervention. Such decisions can be made even in the absence of profiling. Personal data protection law designates that you have the right not to be subjected to any automated decision if this decision produces lawful results that directly or indirectly affect you to an noteworthy extent. Such a decision produces lawful results when your legal rights are afflicted, such as the right to vote. In addition, the processing of personal data is considered to affect you to a noteworthy extent in case it has a direct impact on your status, condition or behavior.


Via this privacy notice “DIMITRIADIS STYLIANOS PRIVATE COMPANY” firm, bearing the trading name “MY CAVA”, based in Thessaloniki, in the intersection of Mpoumpoulinas str. and 2, Makrygianni str. in Finikas area, notifies you that through your inscription to our company’s newsletter, that is the registration and sending of your e-mail, name and surname, you grant your explicit consent to “DIMITRIADIS STYLIANOS PRIVATE COMPANY” firm, by virtue of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), concerning the processing of your abovementioned personal data, as well as their storing in both an electronic and a tangible record file, and the sending of newsletters on behalf of “MY CAVA”.

Your declaration of consent, as well as your name, surname and e-mail, will be kept in a company’s record file, only after the company has ensured that all appropriate, expedient and necessary measures of security, as designated by law, have been undertaken, for as long as you keep receiving newsletters on behalf of “MY CAVA”, and in any case for no more than a year after the termination of this service.

Your e-mail, name and surname will be used exclusively by “DIMITRIADIS STYLIANOS PRIVATE COMPANY” firm, appointed as personal data officer, even if the newsletters involve products or/and services related to third companies, with whom the personal data officer is engaged in commercial partnership. Moreover, your e-mail, name and surname will be used exclusively for sending information, advertisement and promotion material and messages.

You are entitled, upon request to the company and at any given time, to exercise any of the following and ostensibly mentioned rights: the right to access your personal data and receive information regarding any issue revolving around their processing, as well as the rights to rectification, update, deletion, portability and consent revocation. Regarding the exercise of your abovementioned rights, as well as for any information concerning your personal rights, you can contact us by phone in the number 2310 442 103 or by e-mail in the address
[email protected].

Ιf you wish to revoke your consent regarding the processing and storing of your data and the sending of newsletters, please visit the link “To deregister from the ‘newsletter sending list’, click here”, found in the bottom part of the newsletter or send a request to the e-mail address [email protected]. In addition, you have the right to file a complaint before the Hellenic Data Protection (, in case you consider that your personal data is violated by any means.