Ramos Pinto, Porto Ruby, Πόρτο, Ερυθρό

Το Ruby Porto της Ramos Pinto είναι χαρμάνι από Touriga Franca και Tinta Barroca που έχει ωριμάσει για 3 χρόνια σε ξύλινες δεξαμενές, τα λεγόμενα "Balseiros"

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Ruby of Porto Ramos Pinto is a new blend of the varieties Touriga Franca and Tinta Barroca, deep red color that is matured for only 3 years in large wooden tanks, called "Balseiros". Fruity, full-bodied and well structured, is consumed at room temperature. It goes well with cheese and sweet red fruits.

Ramos Pinto - Porto Ruby - Ερυθρός