EAS of Amyntaion - Sparkling Rose Demi Sec - Rosé

Ροζέ, αφρώδες κρασί Ονομασίας Προέλευσης που χαρακτηρίζεται από φινέτσα και κομψότητα.

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Leptokentimeno bubbles cord. Bright rose color. Expressive nose reminiscent of raspberry and biscuits with lemon filling. Loose presence in mouth and gentle sweetness perfectly balances the refreshing acidity. Rosé, sparkling wine Designation of Origin is characterized by finesse and elegance.

Ε.Α.Σ Αμυνταίου - Αμύνταιον Αφρώδες Rose Demi Sec Ροζέ - 2014