Stergiou, Metamorphoses, Assyrtiko Riesling, White, 2016

And if our world was transformed?


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And if our world was transformed? If the sky were painted with the oddest colors, if we cultivated the soil, if the seals were left alone, if the hippopotamians were not ashamed of the thickness, if all the people were saying good morning, if the most beautiful day was Monday, if we could jump in the clouds, if the donkeys were flying, if the canaries loved them, if we danced in the waves with our waterproof cats, if orange fleas were sitting on our paddles, if all the ships had kits of colorful lights and with a salty we reached the stars, if we were wearing yellow shoes century red socks, if there were no ties, if tenors in opera were magpies, if you kiss the mistletoe if the rain was wine? And if our world was transformed?

Στεργίου - Άσπρη Πέτρα 2014 Λευκός

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