Two Hands Wine - Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon - Red - 2015

Ένα σαρκώδες κρασί με αρώματα λεβάντας, cranberries, μέντας και λουλουδάτα Ασίας μπαχαρικά.

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A succulent wine with aromas of lavender, cranberries and minty floral Asian spice. This is textbook Cabernet Sauvignon and highlights how well McLaren Vale is situated to growing it. Colour - Deep dark red Aroma - Notes of currents, blueberry and juniper, bouquet garni and fresh earth. Palate - The palate is built on lots of fresh blue and red fruits. Bright flavours with energy and verve, along with hints of dusty earth, weave through the mid-palate with complexing notes of bay leaf, juniper and green tobacco leaf. Acid is fresh but balanced whilst tannins kick in mid palate and run long with the fruit profile. Notes of coffee grounds and chocolate add complexity through the finish.

Two Hands Wine - Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon - Ερυθρό - 2015