Vacu Vin - Snap Thermometer

Το Snap Thermometer της Vacu Vin είναι για ενα θερμόμετρο που αγκαλιάζει την φιάλη ώστε να έχουμε άμεση ένδειξη της θερμοκρασίας της.


Serving wine at the right temperature is easier said than done. What is the temperature of the wine you are serving and what is the right temperature for which wine? To solve this problem Vacu Vin has produced the Snap Thermometer. Like a snap bracelet you simply “click” it around the bottle and wait for the right temperature to appear. For the right serving temperatures refer to the temperature index at the back of the Snap Thermometer. Shows the temperature of the wine Ensures your wine is served at the right temperature Flexible band fits any size bottle Wine serving temperature index at the back (°C/°F)

Vacu Vin - Snap Thermometer | Θερμόμετρο Φιάλης

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