Vassaltis, Santorini Oak Barrel, White, 2016

η υπέροχη Σαντορίνη του Vassaltis, στις αρετές της οποίας πατάει ο παραγωγός για να μας προσφέρει την Barrel Aged εκδοχή της


Produced in Vassaltis Vineyards, the newest one of Santorini, from 100% Assyrtiko.
It is the first time we have the opportunity to try a Santorini in barrel of this winery and especially in a year so good for it. The fermentation began in stainless steel tanks and then transferred to 100% new French oak barrels of 500 liters.
After the end of fermentation, the sludges remained for 3 months in the barrels and 7 months even a stainless steel tank. Bottled fewer than 3000 bottles.
Extremely fine sense of the barrel in the nose, which enables the variety and terroir to star. On the nose we fruity and floral aromas combined with vanilla and smoked aromas.
This Santorini has a full-bodied and creamy texture. Exemplary balance between variety and barrel. Oral fruity aromas, high acidity, minerality, smoked aromas and long aftertaste. It presents a long aging potential.

Vassaltis | Βασάλτης - Σαντορίνη Βαρέλι - Λευκό - 2015

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