Vassaltis, Nasitis, White, 2019

ο Nassitis παρουσιάζεται γευστικά μαλακός, όμως η κρυστάλλινη οξύτητα στο τελείωμα προδίδει την ηφαιστειακή καταγωγή της πρότασης του Vassaltis


Produced from Basalt winery, the newest of Santorini, from 90% Aidani and Athiri and Assyrtiko 10%. "Nasitis" in Doric dialect meaning "islander" (dialect adopted by the first inhabitants after the eruption). This wine then, is the rival of Assyrtiko. A combination of varieties "tied" flawlessly. The 3 varieties vinified separately before ending up together. Aromatic complex and intense, with Aidani dominating. Mainly floral and fruity aromas with hints of teal. There full-bodied, noticeable minerality, very pleasant acidity and depth. A wine with strictly insular character as the name suggests it.

Vassaltis | Βασάλτης - Νασίτης - Λευκό - 2015

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