Vassaltis, Nasitis, White 2020, 750ml

Vassaltis, Nasitis, White 2020. Tasty soft wine, but the crystalline acidity in the finish betrays its volcanic origin.


Produced from Basalt winery, the newest of Santorini, from 90% Aidani and Athiri and Assyrtiko 10%.
"Nasitis" in Doric dialect meaning "islander" (dialect adopted by the first inhabitants after the eruption).
This wine then, is the rival of Assyrtiko.
A combination of varieties "tied" flawlessly.
The 3 varieties vinified separately before ending up together.
Aromatic complex and intense, with Aidani dominating.
Mainly floral and fruity aromas with hints of teal.
There full-bodied, noticeable minerality, very pleasant acidity and depth.
A wine with strictly insular character as the name suggests it.

Vassaltis | Βασάλτης - Νασίτης - Λευκό - 2015

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