Vina Errazuriz - Single Vineyard - Carmenѐre Don Maximiano Estate - Red - 2012

Οι Errazuriz συγκαταλέγονται στους μετρ του είδους και είναι από τους πρώτους παραγωγούς που είπαν «Carmenere ή θάνατος».

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The "local" variety of Chile, since in the region the birthplace of the Bordeaux, the Carmenѐre is now almost extinct, and for years Chileans thought they had planted Merlot, until one the grower Frenchman opened matia.Ligo more vegetable, little less chocolate but so soft in the mouth with Merlot. The Errazuriz among the maitre kind and is among the first producers who said "Carmenere or death." Deep purple color with purple hues, dark fruit flavors and accents of cinnamon, black pepper, chocolate and tobacco. The palette is rich and soft with gentle and mature tannins and bright acidity promises for the future.

Vina Errazuriz - Single Vineyard - Carmenere Don Maximiano Estate - Ερυθρός - 2012