Biblia Chora, Ovilos, White, 2015

ο Όβηλος της Βιβλίας Χώρας είναι αυτός που θα κάνει την καρδιά των απαιτητικών οινόφιλων να χτυπήσει δυνατά


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A wine, yellow-green in colour that matures in oak for 8 months. The distinctive aroma of apricot and honey- a characteristic of Semillon- blends perfectly with the notes of citron and lemon from the north-aegean Assyrtiko. A variety of recognizable, distinct aroma integrated with hints of vanilla and dry nuts, elegant, fat with a well balanced acidity structure that results in potential for ageing.

Βιβλία Χώρα - Όβηλος - Λευκός - 2015

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