Wine Professional & Sommelier Course

Wine Professional & Sommelier Course | Depot Des Vins hosts the certified Wine Professional & Sommelier Course in Thessaloniki from Genius In Gastronomy, addressed to aspiring professionals who want to become active in the field of wine and dining. In an increasingly competitive environment Wine Professional & Sommelier Course is the essential tool for professionals who want a complete and thorough training on wine, covered, based on international standards and practices, a wide range of topics. The Wine Professional & Sommelier Course offers complete and comprehensively all the knowledge that a modern professional needs. In this way, they will gain the skills to cope with the current challenges that are shaped in a demanding and challenging sectors such as the hotel industry, the trade and the F&B management. During the course, a row of wine tasting takes place with many wines from around the world, with some of them to be the most important and often rare examples of their kind. At the end of the course, examinations are conducted of the accredited certification FSMS Wine Expert Scheme, from the international certification body STAREGISTER professionals. Participation in the exam is optional but success in these is a prerequisite for obtaining certification for stages Wine Pro & Sommelier. Subjects: Introduction to wine (Viticulture, oenology, terroir etc.) Secrets of tasting (wine tasting) Main varieties - wine style (wine tasting) French Vineyard (wine tasting) Italian Vineyard (wine tasting) New World vineyards (wine tasting) Spain & Portugal Vineyards (wine tasting) Germany, Austria and other countries Vineyards (wine tasting) Greek Vineyard (wine tasting) Food safety Combination food - wine Service (Internship) Cellar management - List - Price List Marketing principles - Sales Techniques - Presentation Techniques Course Duration: 6 hours x 12 days = 72 hours

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