Magnum 1.5L, 3L, 5L

Find selected magnum wines with 1.5L, 3L and 5L bottles ideal for your festive table or gift to real wine lovers. Impress your guests with magnum wines!
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Ταζογλίδου, Ανεμόλια, Ερυθρό, 2018, 1,5L Magnum
Domaine Monsieur Nicolas, Messenicola, 2018, Ερυθρό, 1,5L Magnum
Ευφροσύνη, Μικρή Ευγενική, Λιάτικο, Ερυθρό, 2018, Magnum 1,5L
Θυμιόπουλος, Γη και Ουρανός, Ερυθρό, 2018, 1,5L
Luce Della Vite, Lucente, Red, Magnum 2018, 1.5L
Alpha, Red Magnum 1.5L
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