Gaja - Barolo - Dagromis - Red - 2012

Το Barolo του οίκου Gaja είναι ένα κρασί με ανθικά αρώματα και απαλές τανίνες. Η γεμάτη παλέτα και τo προφίλ μπαχαρικών καταλήγουν σε ένα "ηχηρό" τελείωμα.

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The Barolo of the house Gaja is a wine with floral aromas and soft tannins. The full palette and complex spice profile resulting in a resounding finish. The cold season and the late harvest yielded a wine that combines depth, complexity, accuracy and power. Lack of excessive temperatures that year led to a slow ripening, which provided magnificent texture and lively acidity.

Gaja - Barolo - Dagromis - Ερυθρός - 2010