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Ευφροσύνη, Μικρή Ευγενική, Λιάτικο, Ερυθρό, 2021, Magnum 1,5L
Joseph Drouhin, Beaujolais Nouveau, 2022, 750ml
Dio Ipsi, Monologos, Malbec, 2019, 750ml
Chateau Cambon La Pelouse, Haut Medoc, 2018, Ερυθρό, 750ml
Chateau Clos de Bouard, La Dame de Bouard, Montagne Saint-Emilion, 2018, Ερυθρό, 750ml
Chateau Saint Pierre, Pomerol, 2019, Ερυθρό, 750ml
Chateau Monbousquet, Angelique de Monbousquet, 2018, Ερυθρό, 750ml
Chateau Les Grands Chenes, Bernard Magrez , 2015, Ερυθρό, 750ml
Chateau Joanin Becot, Castillon Cotes de Bordeaux, 2018, Ερυθρό, 750ml
Terroir Al Limit, Terroir Sense Fronteres, Negre, Montsant, 2021, Ερυθρό, 750ml
Lithos Winery, 2019, Ερυθρό, 750ml
Montes, Outer Limits Cinsault, 2019, Ερυθρό, 750ml
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