Cognac & Brandy

Brandy is an alcoholic beverage derived from the distillation of wine or other fermented fruits.

The word comes from the Dutch word brandewijn, which means "burnt wine", referring to the heat required for distillation. When the term is used alone then it usually describes the brandy of wine. Brandy of marc distillation is called grappa. Brandy usually has 40-60% vol alcohol, while brandy used in fortified wines such as Sherry and Madeira has 80-95% vol.

The best of all brandies is considered to be Cognac, which is produced in southwestern France.

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Brandy - Metaxa 3* Stars - 700ml
Brandy - Metaxa 5* Stars - 700ml
Brandy - Metaxa 7* Stars - 700ml
H by Hine, Cognac Fine Champagne VSOP, 700ml
Cognac Tesseron, Νο90 XO Ovation, 700ml
Martell X.O, Cognac, 750ml
Μπράντυ Μεταξά 12, Metaxa Brandy 12, 700ml
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