Champagne & Sparkling

Champagne & Sparkling
Labels from Greek as well as International producers are available and should not be missing from any festive t-ble, special occasion or any event you’re planning and want to get your guests excited.

If you don't know which sparkling wine or champagne to choose from, trust the knowledge of MYCAVA Team. It is more than sure that they will find the wine or champagne that suits you best.

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Champagne, Charles Heidsieck, Brut Reserve, NV, Αφρώδη, Λευκή, 750ml
Philipponnat, Grand Blanc, Extra-Brut, Champagne, 2015, Αφρώδη, 750ml
Champagne, AR Lenoble, Rose, Terroirs, Chouilly, Bisseuil, ”Mag 15”, Αφρώδη, Ροζέ, 750ml
Champagne, AR Lenoble, Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs, Chouilly, ”Mag 18”, Αφρώδη, Λευκή, 750ml
Champagne, AR Lenoble, Intense , ”Mag 19”, Αφρώδη, Λευκή, 750ml
Arras, A, Premium Cuvee, Λευκό, Αφρώδες, 750ml
Meinklang, Epic Cuvée, Pet nat, 2022, Λευκό, Aφρώδη, 750ml
Saint Hilaire, Blanquette de Limoux, Λευκό, Αφρώδη, 750ml
Luc, Belaire, Luxe, Fantome, Λευκό, Αφρώδη, 750ml
Champagne, De Saint Gall, Rosé 1er Cru, Ροζέ, Αφρώση, 750ml
Anselmi Zellina, Moscato, Rosa, 2022, 750ml
Pommery, Royal Blue Sky, Champagne, Αφρώδη, Λευκή, 750ml
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