Brandy - Metaxa - aen - 700ml

AEN ΜΙΑ ΔΙΑΧΡΟΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΙΑ. Το μυθικό χαρμάνι του βαρελιού Νο 1


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AEN A TIMELESS CREATION. The Legendary Blend Of Cask No.1

From the very heart of METAXA comes AEN, possibly the most precious Greek spirit ever created. Behind this ancient word for forever lies an elixir of over 200 blends drawn from the original Cask No.1, from the Family of the Original Casks still safely housed in the cellars of the House of Metaxa.

Appearance: Deep mahogany radiating with bronze highlights.
1st Bouquet: Intense, complex, very sophisticated. Strong presence of oak wood and forest aromas.
2nd Bouquet: Dried fruit (prunes, figs, raisins), bitter orange peel, roasted almonds, walnut, hazelnut and toffee, honey and cigar box.
Palate: So complex, unlike anything you may have tasted. Oak, dried figs, raisins, toffee, tobacco, lingering orange peel.
Finish: Extremely long. Mocha coffee and sweet spice.

Enjoy AEN METAXA neat in a fine crystal glass.

Κονιάκ - Metaxa - αεν - 700ml