Corkscrew Pulltex, Pullparrot Monza, Carbon Fiber

Το Pullparrot της Pulltex βραβεύτηκε με το 1ο βραβείο στο διαγωνισμό για το καλύτερο ανοιχτήρι στην Gervey-Chambertin της Γαλλίας.


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Pulltex Pullparrot was awarded the 1st prize in the competition for the best Corkscrew in Gervey-Chambertin, France. Now it comes in new colors and even more functional. It is foldable, with two stairs and a long arm. This helps to pull out any cork in two steps, in a completely vertical direction, without breaking.

ΑΝοιχτήρι Pulltex - PULLPARROT MONZA