Ramos Pinto - Porto RP20 Tawny 30 years

Αρκετές μάχες κερδήθηκαν με άλλους τύπους tawny, αλλά η τελική νίκη ήρθε σε οπτική επαφή με τo 20 χρόνια Port και ο πόλεμος τελικά κέρδισε με to 30 χρόνια.

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Several battles were won with other types of tawny, but ultimate victory came within sight with the 20 years Port and the war was finally won with the 30 years. Harmonising these old wines, which are full of personality and character, is not an easy task. In the tasting room, decisions are very difficult. Here nature gives place to knowledge, to a serene and wise wine, which, like a kind old man, tells grandiose stories to the young. Earthly passions give way to volatile, esterified, wood-scented ambiences, free from the schist, from the redness. It is a dive into an ethereal, limpid world, performed at the unique and constant rhythm of a Port Wine Cellar. Grapes varieties: Mixture of grape varieties from old vineyards.

Ramos Pinto RP30 Tawny