Sandeman, Porto Ruby, Πόρτο, Ερυθρό

Απεσταλμένο από τον George Sandeman το 1790, το Sandeman Porto Ruby δημιουργείται ακόμα παραδοσιακά να είναι ισχυρό με βάθος γεύσης και φινέτσα.

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Descended from the fiery ruby Porto Wines originally shipped by George Sandeman in 1790, Sandeman Porto Ruby is still made traditionally to be rich and robust yet with a special depth of flavour and the finesse, achieved by expertly blending wines from Sandeman´s large and varied stock. Brilliant red ruby in colour, with clean aromas of red fruits, plums and strawberries, Sandeman Porto Ruby has full rich flavours and is very well balanced. Rich, round, balanced in the mouth, with overt flavours of fresh plums and red fruits.

Sandeman Porto - 750 ml

  • Color Red
  • Σοδειά -
  • Barrel
  • Aging Potential